Praise for The Ultimate Weapon 

"The Manhattan Project is a complex subject for a book for young readers, but Sullivan does a fine job of relating the fascinating story in clear and lively prose. ...
Despite the complicated history, this book is completely compelling, a straightforward narrative told with a light touch. ... [T]he solid writing, attractive design,
abundant photographs, ... make this the best work on the subject for young readers. 
Kirkus Reviews (June 1, 2007)
"Sullivan presents a highly readable history of the development and eventual use of the atomic bomb by the United States and Japan. ... Sullivan's writing is balanced 
and unbiased yet informed and interdisciplinary, making this volume, which is laden with photographs, an excellent source of information on a timely topic." (5Q)
VOYA: Voice of Youth Advocates (June 2007) 
"A well-done review of the creation of the atomic bomb and the decision to use it. ... [T]his is a valuable account of a critical event in the world's history."
School Library Journal (August 2007)
"Ed Sullivan's informative, succinct account of the Manhattan Project and the race to build—and ultimately use the atomic bomb—is written with impressive 
research, dramatic political and scientific insights and thoughtful ethical reflections. This book should be required reading for everyone who wants to understand 
the compelling story of this unparalleled event in American and international history."
Jack Gantos, National Book Award Finalist, and Newbery, Printz, and Sibert Honor Author


"[I] found it to be excellent, full of insight, a great tool for the potential high school student, and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) the kind of book that could make a kid could more, not less interested in history."


Bill Carey, Founder of Tennessee History for Kids


"You have written an excellent book that informs the readers of events both public and those behind the scenes. You present both sides of an argument that has gone on for more than 60 years and I believe will continue for years to come. Most importantly, you have given us something that is accessible to young people in

a way that informs and challenges them."


Gordon M. Sisk, III, Social Studies Department Chair, Central High School (Knoxville) and Past-President of the Tennessee Council for the Social Studies




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