Reaching Reluctant Young Adult Readers:

A Handbook for Librarians and Teachers



Scarecrow Press, 2002 ▪ ISBN 0-8108-4343-9 ▪ $27.50

"I hate to read!" is a statement that librarians and teachers frequently hear from young adults. In Reaching Reluctant Young Adult Readers, the author addresses the issue of aliteracy—the condition when one has the ability to read but chooses not to--in young people of ages 10 - 15. These students do not read for pleasure and they read only when forced to do so through class reading assignments, a pervasive problem that affects grades and that can affect future success. Fortunately, librarians and teachers can cultivate a love of reading in even the most reluctant reader through the strategies, tools, and resources offered in this book. Books whose characters and themes are appropriate on an intellectual and maturity level for this age group are profiled. Making culturally relevant books available to Asian, Black, and Latino students to foster their reading enjoyment is also addressed. This is a complete handbook for librarians and teachers to confront and overcome aliteracy in young adults.


"Bottom Line: Useful for TLs and anyone writing about aliteracy."TEACHER LIBRARIAN

"The suggestions for purchases and tactics to reach the students seem sound and relatively easy to implement."VOYA

"Librarians and teachers will find this brief volume a valuable tool to combat the nonreader."BOOKLIST

"...[the author] gives a sense of how important this subject is in the academic world and in libraries, and he offers some reasonable solutions to help turn those reading haters into lovers."SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL


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